Why a Blog


Who I am and why I’m here:

I’m just some lady.

I write. Then, historically, I second-guess and reexamine and edit and reword and rework in a frenzy of never-good-enough until I ultimately tuck the piece away in some dark corner of my hard drive, ostensibly for a brief resting period before I’m ready to revisit it. But once a piece of writing is out of sight, it’s only too easy to leave it there. Like the cousin you think about now and again, and you hope they’re doing well, but whom you never call. Basically, my writing never sees the light of day. And the light of day might be just as happy with that arrangement, but it doesn’t really help me to improve or grow in any way. So I decided to start a blog. Something I might feel accountable to. Somewhere to put things that are as good as I can make them right now without all of my habitual, interminable re-ing, so that I can move on the other things that might be better. Endless editing is not as helpful as ongoing practice.

Similarly, I am using this “zero to hero” exercise as a motivational tool. I foolishly started my blog right before the busiest month and a half at my work, so I’ve been very lax on creating content. This seems like as good a way as any to jumpstart the process. Being required to post something each day will force me to curtail my editing compulsions. And since I got to the game a few days late I have some catching up to do.

So far I have found it easiest to draw on personal anecdotes in an attempt to be amusing. I have grand plans to expand my blog to include opinion pieces, short stories, maybe even poetry (yeah, nobody wants to see that), and who knows what else. This blog is going to be eclectic. I hope it will be interesting, but I’m focusing more on its efficacy as a motivational tool than I am on getting a bunch of followers. That is the frame of mind from which I might actually achieve productivity. However, if I can give any of the people whose writing I enjoy something to enjoy in return, I will consider myself fortunate. It would be nice to be considered a contributing member of the blogging community. Or something.

This post is part of the Zero to Hero 30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 1 – Who I am and why I’m here


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